Entering Japanese (JP) national phase for PCT applications

* Fee Reduction (Japan Patent Office)

* Patent: payment before June 1, 2008
(in Japanese yen)

Patent right (Annual fee):
1-3rd year: annually,2,600 + 200 per claim
4-6th year: annually,8,100 + 600 per claim
7-9th year: annually,24,300 + 1,900 per claim
10-25th year: annually,81,200 + 6,400 per claim

* Patent: payment on or after June June 1, 2008
(in Japanese yen)

Patent right (Annual fee):
1-3rd year: annually,2,300 + 200 per claim
4-6th year: annually,7,100 + 500 per claim
7-9th year: annually,21,400 + 1,700 per claim
10-25th year: annually,61,600 + 4,800 per claim

* Trademark/Servicemark: payment before June 1, 2008
(in Japanese yen)

Application6,000 + 15,000 per class
Registration fee    66,000 per class
Renewal fee151,000 per class

* Trademark/Servicemark: payment on or after June 1, 2008
(in Japanese yen)

Application3,400 + 8,600 per class
Registration fee    37,600 per class
Renewal fee48,500 per class
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A brief profile of Japanese registered patent attorney Mr. Kurihara


* Welcome to Patent Firm in Japan.

We are a patent and trademark office located in Tokyo, Japan, representing domestic and foreign clients on all continents of the globe in the field of intellectual property, in particular patents, trademarks, utility models, designs and trademarks as well as the prosecution, enforcement, defence and licencing thereof.

* Experience

Mr. Hiroyuki Kurihara is a Japanese registered Patent and Trademark Attorney and is a Member of AIPPI Japan and JPAA. He is a patent attorney specializing and prosecuting Japanese and foreign patent applications.

Mr. Kurihara previously worked as a engineering scientist for a global manufacturer of electronic ceramics. He is currently active in patent prosecution and client counseling, with a particular emphasis in the chemical arts. Areas of particular interest include organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymers, adhesive compositions, films, metal alloys, and ceramics. Mr. Kurihara has also counseled clients on issues of patentability, infringement, validity and enforceability, principally in the pharmaceutical and polymer industry.

* Education

The University of Tokyo (B.Sc. Chemistry, 1995; M.Sc. Chemistry, 1997)

* Our Services

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry & Patent Litigation